Week Eleven: Reflection

My brain hurts. The beginning of this week I found very difficult, no actually most of it. I read, watched and learnt about semiotics, but it just wouldn’t click and I had to refer back to my initial research as reminder points a lot. I think it was more the fact of how technically everything can be a sign or symbol when you think about it. What was difficult this week was pin pointing such a broad topic, that I technically knew nothing about. I say this every week, but this week seemed super broad for me.

However, once I got going and started to visually unpick designs and see examples, it started to make sense how semiotics works within design, not just a STOP road sign. We kind of already consider how signs / symbols associate with topics or thoughts, and vice versa. As David Crow said ‘the important thing to remember is that where there is choice, there is meaning’.

I enjoyed looking into the brand ‘Always’ and felt I could have studied it for a lot longer, in many different avenues. I liked focusing the majority of my research on the basis of periods being a sign themselves and what Always do to adhere to or change the cultural shifts correlated with periods. It’s a massive topic, in terms of taboo, education, symbol representation, opinions and lots more. Surprising findings for some countries too such as the US and UK. I think it terms of Always having an impact of visual signs and symbols relating to periods, they have become a sign them self, one that is related with periods in a positive light. They use subtle signs and symbols throughout their branding, whether this be within campaigns or product packaging, overall to help achieve a culturally sound relationship on a global level, to empower girls and women of all ages. In my opinion, that is a successful brand.

Editorial design wise, the aim was to keep all the visual colours in red to symbolise periods, but also to allow the reader to really think about the visual elements described for Always brand across the world, taking away the automatic recognition of what the may colours symbolise to them specifically, so they can try relate to other colour symbolisation mentioned from the other cultures. Also, to brave against from the sigma of periods – as I discovered in my research, only recently BodyForm, another hygiene brand, showed ‘blood’ in their adverts, normally a blue liquid is used as substitute – following on from Body Form’s advert as inspiration, the editorial is not to shy away from the real sign of periods, blood, symbolised by red. It was difficult choosing imagery to feature, as all seemed just as valuable, I decided to go with the two main options of Whisper and Orkid advert, as these are what I discuss most and feel they relate to the Case Study requirements most out of all the subtopics looked at and discussed.


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